Official approval Solas service station Nemad Maritime Safety


Official approval by Dutch ministry of Environment and Transport of Nemad Maritime Safety as Solas service station

On August 4th the Dutch ministry of Environment and Transport, ILT/Shipping publiced the official approval of Nemad Maritime Safety as Solas service station for inflattable life rafts and rescue boats.

Publication Ilent

You are very welcome to visit our Solas Servicestation at Fokkerstraat 513 in Schiedam. For a tour of our facility you can contact Nemad Maritime Safety by Phone at 0031-(0)10-2085110 or by email

Lloyd's recertification ISO 9001: 2008 & 14001: 2004


On 2 and 3 March 2016, Lloyd's Registry audited for re-certication the Quality Assurance and Environmental management system of Nemad Group and its subsidiaries in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norm. The positive outcome resulted in a re-certification valid until September 14, 2018.

EU repeals anti-dumping duties on China


The definitive anti-dumping duty imposed on certain types of iron or steel (excluding stainless steel) fasteners, ie wood screws (excluding collar screws), self-tapping screws, other screws and bolts with head (also with nuts or washers, but excluding screws, twisted or decolleted of solid material and of which the thickness of the shaft does not exceed 6 mm and excluding screws and bolts for the attachment of railroad components) and washers, originating in the People's Republic of China, as extended to certain types Shipped iron or steel fasteners, whether or not declared as originating in Malaysia, currently classified under CN codes 7318 12 90, 7318 14 91, 7318 14 99, 7318 15 59, 7318 15 69, 7318 15 81, 7318 15 89, ex 7318 15 90, ex 7318 21 00 en ex 7318 22 00 (Taric-codes 7318159021, 7318159029, 7318159071, 7318159079, 7318159091, 7318159098, 7318210031, 7318210039, 7318210095, 7318210098, 7318220031, 7318220039, 7318220095 en 7318220098) Are hereby repealed and the procedure relating to these imports is hereby terminated. Link EUR-Lex

Nemad Roadshow on 5 oktober!


New Winterfolder 2014-2015 Personal Protective Safety Equipment


Check out our new winterfolder with many interesting product offers!

nemad winterfolder 2014-2015

Lloyd's Recertification ISO 9001: 2008 Nemad Group


On 11 and 12 September 2013, the Lloyd's Registry Quality Assurance ISO 9001: 2008 recertification audit took place and this was completed with a positive result.
The ISO 9001 certification of Nemad Group and its operating companies Nemad fasteners and Nemad technical wholesaler is extended by three years.

ISO 14001:2004 certification


The environmental management system of Nemad Groep BV and her subsidiaries Nemad BV, specialist in fasteners and Nemad Hofman BV, wholesale company for building and general industry, has in April 2013 with positive result been certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in accordance with ISO 14001:2004. Management and employees have made another step forward in the process of further professionalizing and continuous quality improvement of the organization. 

Nemad involved social partner of the concerned Spartan


Nemad Groep and its operating companies Nemad BV, specialist in fasteners and Nemad Hofman, wholesale for construction and industry, want to take a socially responsible manner.
The vision of the Stake Spartan Foundation closely matches the vision of Nemad Group and Nemad is therefore the first involved partner of the concerned Spartan.

The Spartan involved develops a great deal of involvement with residents, realizes involvement by engaging in the living environment, works with partners involved and puts in football for safety, health and education.
In short: The concerned Spartan assumes responsibility for a better society in the area!

Foundation Mission The Engaged Spartan puts in football for a better society within her care area. Together with partners and residents involved, it strives for a maximum result, because TALENT develops itself ... in a good society, in a safe neighborhood, at home and at school.
In short: The concerned Spartan develops TALENT

Introduction EN1090-1 has a major impact on the construction industry


Over the past year, Nemad has determined that there are many questions to its customers about changing standards regarding bias, biasing methods, plates and size of slip holes as prescribed in standards such as Eurocodes and EN1090-2. Furthermore, the introduction of the harmonized EN1090-1 standard on 1 January 2011 leads to further uncertainty and questions from customers. The EN1090-1 regulates the statutory mandatory CE Declaration of Conformity as of 1 July 2012 for bearing structural parts and refers to the corresponding EN1090-2 Implementation Standard for Steel Construction Parts. On May 12th, Nemad organized a lecture in the Spangen Castle. The lecture was given by Prof. Ir. Berenbak, member of the CEN / TC135 - WG2, the commission that deals with this standard. Prof. Bearer is generally seen as an authority in this area.

Prior to the lecture, Nemad has identified interest among its customers and found that many customers are still ignorant of the forthcoming major legal obligation, but in addition, they often feel that they will not hit them.


Nemad Groep has been a sponsor of Sparta Rotterdam since 2008. As of the coming season, the Nemad Group, with its companies Nemad Confirmation Products and Nemad Hofman Technical Wholesale, will join the Official Partner Youth Training.

Fred Blum, CEO of Nemad: "Despite the achievements of the first team, Sparta Rotterdam is more than just the flagship. Sparta also represents an important function for the region as the oldest paid football club in the Netherlands. Sparta Youth Training is one of the best Netherlands and won the Rinus Michels Award for Best Youth Training in the Netherlands in 2009. Many Eredivisie players come from Sparta's education. "

On behalf of Sparta Rotterdam, Pascal Jansen reacts very positively to the new Official Youth Training Program. "Our youth education takes responsibility for the development of football in the region, and we work with a number of major and leading clubs from the amateur football. Sports, And certainly a team sport such as football, teaches children at a young age the importance of a joint sporting effort to achieve goals. "

Sparta Rotterdam has also organized a clinic with VV Nieuwenhoorn in collaboration with Nemad. Partly as a result of these positive contacts and the involvement of Nemad in the development of young talent, it has been decided that the collaboration will be continued as Sparta Youth's Official Partner.


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