A technical wholesaler with in-house specialists!


About Nemad Group


A technical wholesaler with multiple specialisms.


The group consists of:

  • Nemad BV, specialist in fasteners
  • Nemad Hofman BV, technical wholesaler for construction and industry
  • Nemad Divequipment, specialist in diving equipment.
  • Nemad Maritime Safety, specialist and service station in lifejackets, dry- and survival suits and liferafts.

Doing business with Nemad Group means doing direct business with specialists and a technical wholesaler with a wide range of products and services. One supplier for all your needs regarding fasteners, hardware, chemical products, cutting tools, hand tools, power tools, machinery, climbing equipment, building and architectural hardware and personal protective equipment. As well as customized logistic and automation solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

In our daily business, we aim to serve our clients in the best way possible and convince them of our core values: service, flexibility, quality and personal care.  


Nemad Fasteners, originally located at the Voorhaven in Delfshaven Rotterdam, has been a household name in fasteners since 1974.

Nemad is a continuation of the activities of NV Handelmaatschappij v / h Overbeek Co in the field of fasteners.

In order to meet the growth, the company moved to the 's-Gravelandsepolder industrial estate in Schiedam in 1983.


In 2001, the activities of Nemad Fasteners and Nemad Hofman Technical Wholesale were centralized at the current address at Fokkerstraat 525 / Plesmanstraat 60 in Schiedam.

On January 1th 2013, Nemad Divequipment moved into the building at Fokkerstraat 511.

On July 1th, 2016, the Nemad Maritime Safety inspection station moved into the building at Fokkerstraat 513.


The new extension to Plesmanstraat 58 was completed in September 2017.

Since September 2018, a Nemad Maritime Safety Solas Service Station has opened at Ankerstraat 10 in Ostend, Belgium.

With effect from December 1th 2018, the activities of Breman's Borstel and Kwastenfabriek and the building at Plesmanstraat 56 have been taken over.




At Nemad, we are not only investing in our own company, we are also socially involved in our immediate area with projects focusing on education, employment, sports and health. This all derives from our philosophy; the long term interest of all envolved parties is a common interest.


Nemad, a technical wholesale company where we have your interest at heart!