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Since 1974 specialist in fasteners.

Nemad has been a specialized supplier of fasteners since 1974. Therefor we can rely on many years of knowledge and experience in our business and a steady large network of quality manufacturers. This makes Nemad a reliable partner for its clients with a knowledge of complex fastener solutions.

Because of our broad and deep product range of DIN en ISO normalized fasteners, we can deliver a wide variety of fasteners directly from our stock.

Through our knowledge and expertise, we serve amongst others, the construction industry, engineering industry, transport industry, cranes construction, shipbuilding, ship repair, offshore, ship chandlers and industrial maintenance and assembly companies.


Product range and Specials

In addition to our extensive range of metric products in iron, steel, stainless steel and brass, we also offer a wide range of non-metric (inch, UNC, UNF, BSW) fasteners from stock. Furthermore we offer many possibilities in non-standard products. Where other suppliers stop if your requirements become challenging, Nemad fasteners continues! Aside from our "in-house" facilities to modify existing products, we also offer (fast) manufacturing possibilities for custom-made products, according to your technical drawings in all desired materials and qualities. As with our standard stock, we do not require you to order a minimum quantity. You can order your fasteners prepacked, labeled with your projectname, drawing and position numbers. Through our gained expertise over many years, we are able to offer you the best solutions for your custom requirements.

Also for specials, Nemad fasteners is your best partner!

Saving indirect costs

Many companies still believe that their costs for fasteners stop when the suppliers invoice has been paid. But in reality, that's when the real costs start! Because only 20% of the total costs is covered by the purchase, the remaining 80% are indirect costs spent on handling, stock-keeping and write-down of stock. Nemad Fasteners offers you service level agreements to reduce these costs for your company.



In addition to our own ISO 9001 certified quality system, all our suppliers are also ISO 9001 certified. Therefor we can guarantee our clients that all supplied products are EN-ISO 10204 3.1 or 3.2 certified with a certification agency of choice, such as Lloyd 's, DNV or TÜV.


Prepacking and counting

We prepack the articles conform the clients command, hereby we can mark every package with a label as requested. How many times do you walk past your stock and do not see a movement at some locations? You can order fasteners by project, drawing and position number, counted, prepacked and labeled and you will not be forced to order a large amount of packaging units. You prevent, capital requirement, high costs and slow stock turnover rate.


Easy ordering

With the Nemad online catalogue and ordering with Nemad Barcode ordering you can easily complete an order. To use the barcode scanner you can prevent handmade mistakes to a minimum. Less mistakes decrease your costs for fasteners.


Stock control

As a logistic partner we can help to furnish and etiquette your warehouse and to decide your range, stock levels and supply level.


Make your stock our responsibility!


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