Over the past year, Nemad has determined that there are many questions to its customers about changing standards regarding bias, biasing methods, plates and size of slip holes as prescribed in standards such as Eurocodes and EN1090-2. Furthermore, the introduction of the harmonized EN1090-1 standard on 1 January 2011 leads to further uncertainty and questions from customers. The EN1090-1 regulates the statutory mandatory CE Declaration of Conformity as of 1 July 2012 for bearing structural parts and refers to the corresponding EN1090-2 Implementation Standard for Steel Construction Parts. On May 12th, Nemad organized a lecture in the Spangen Castle. The lecture was given by Prof. Ir. Berenbak, member of the CEN / TC135 - WG2, the commission that deals with this standard. Prof. Bearer is generally seen as an authority in this area.

Prior to the lecture, Nemad has identified interest among its customers and found that many customers are still ignorant of the forthcoming major legal obligation, but in addition, they often feel that they will not hit them.