Nemad Technical Wholesale


Wholesale with specialists in house.

Nemad Hofman is a technical wholesale for industrial and building distinguishes itself by:


Personal Service

A contact person who is familiar with your needs. Besides a very clear, efficient and pleasant process is also the most optimal structure. Finally, you can ask all your questions in one and the same person who rightly understands what is important to you!



Can deliver products quickly is important, but the application of this grant is at least as important. By striving for continuous improvement of our employees are trained to all developments in the market to stay informed. In addition, they can fall back on an internal organization where an exceptional amount of knowledge and expertise is available.



By short lines we can flexibly respond to your questions and needs. When we delivering the items, we always keep one thought in mind, it’s that the work should never be placed in your home, because you don’t have an article still.


Digital ordering options

A few customers from Nemad Hofman BV use our "Webshop". This is the ideal ordering of choice for customers who work at one or more locations. You can order your products 24 hours a day and view your order history or consult our catalog for current prices. In addition, it’s possible to by means of a hand-held scanner to read from storage locations your own order.