Nemad Groep and its operating companies Nemad BV, specialist in fasteners and Nemad Hofman, wholesale for construction and industry, want to take a socially responsible manner.
The vision of the Stake Spartan Foundation closely matches the vision of Nemad Group and Nemad is therefore the first involved partner of the concerned Spartan.


The Spartan involved develops a great deal of involvement with residents, realizes involvement by engaging in the living environment, works with partners involved and puts in football for safety, health and education.
In short: The concerned Spartan assumes responsibility for a better society in the area!

Foundation Mission The Engaged Spartan puts in football for a better society within her care area. Together with partners and residents involved, it strives for a maximum result, because TALENT develops itself ... in a good society, in a safe neighborhood, at home and at school.
In short: The concerned Spartan develops TALENT